Amateur surgeon walkthrough for boss leeches

Zap the leeches, then pull them out with the tongs and suck out the poison with the red syringe. Staple, cauterize...

Amateur surgeon walkthrough for boss leeches

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Boss leeches Amateur surgeon for walkthrough

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And as we always do to start things out, we shall first give you an overview of this Adult Swim game for Android and iOS devices. And your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to operate on all of these patients, and use your tools the right way and at the right order before time runs out on you.

I'VE KILLED SOMEONE!!! - Bungling Surgeon #2

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Surgeon boss for leeches walkthrough Amateur

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Not much information is given about the Crime Boss. However, he appears to have a heavy, intimidating influence over the city. Word got out that the Boss's criminals were being harmed by a certain assailant. Therefore he decided to take matters into his own hands and kill the assailant. However as he was traveling down to the city along with his henchman Ivan , the said assailant thought ahead and sabotaged the brakes, causing the car to crash right into a sewage farm.

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He is the Crime Boss's main lackey. Ivan was traveling with his boss to take out the person harming their criminals until they realized...